Automotive Locksmith Services



Darwin Car Key Specialists is Darwin’s leading Automotive Locksmiths. We offer everything from spare or replacement car keys, opening locked cars, repair or replace automotive locks. We also offer more advanced services like immobiliser ECU resetting and key programming.

Spare / Replacement Car Keys

In need of a key for your car? Darwin Car Key Specialists are your answer. Whether your keys have been lost or stolen, or you require a spare, Darwin Car Key Specialists have you covered.

Darwin Car Key Specialists stock a large range of genuine car keys along with a large range of aftermarket equivalents. If you're after car keys Darwin Car Key Specialists can assist you, there's no need to go the dealer.

Our range is always expanding as Darwin Car Key Specialists strive to offer our customers the most options for all their car key needs.

Aftermarket Remote Keys


At Darwin Car Key Specialists we carry Darwin’s largest range of aftermarket car keys and remotes. Covering the most popular makes and models in Darwin, Darwin Car Key Specialists can offer a more cost effective option with less waiting time than the dealership and in most cases, better quality than the genuine equivalent.

Car Key Programming

Darwin Car Key Specialists are equipped with the latest programming technology available. Our staff are fully trained, it's what we specialise in, it's in our name! All of our work is guaranteed and we use the safest methods possible. 

All of our programming is preformed onsite, no need to lose your car for the day.

We save you time and money by offering a better service than the dealers.

Replacement Key Case


Is your key held together with sticky tape or glue? Do the buttons no longer work?

Do you wish they looked like they did the day you bought your car?

Darwin Car Key Specialists are your answer.

We carry a large range of aftermarket car key and remote cases, that can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of the entire key.

If you're sick of the inherit problems from the design of the original manufacturers key we have solutions in most cases with aftermarket remotes available.

Emergency Opening Service

We offer a prompt emergency opening service if your keys are locked in the car. We can open anything from an older model car all the way up to a modern high-end european vehicle. 

We offer the safest opening methods in Darwin and guarantee we won’t damage your car.

Please note - this service is during business hours - currently 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Re-key Locks / Stolen Key Solutions


Unfortunately crime is a huge issue in Darwin. We see it all too often. Cars get stolen on a nightly basis. 

If your car keys have been stolen Darwin Car Key Specialists can help you.

In most cases we can re-key all the existing locks at a fraction of the price it would cost to replace them with new locks. 

This will render any stolen keys useless. 

We can also prepare quotes for your insurance company if you require this service. 

Ignition Lock Refurbish / Replacement


Is your key hard to turn in the ignition or not turning at all?

Is the key turning but feels like it's not doing anything at all?

Darwin Car Key Specialist have got you covered.

Depending on the issue, we can either repair or replace the ignition and get your car back on the road again.

In some cases it's not the ignition, it may need a new key.

We carry a range of genuine and aftermarket ignitions along with ignition components to refurbish the ignition if possible.

Common cars we see: Commodores, Falcons BA-BF and Toyotas.

It doesn't matter where you are stranded in the Darwin/Palmerston area, we can come to you.

Door Lock Repairs / Replacement

Is the door lock no longer working? Are there visible signs it has been tampered with? Darwin Car Key Specialists have got you covered.

Depending on the issue, we can either repair/replace or re-key the locks and get your car secure again.

In most cases, most door lock issues are related to the key unless there are visible signs of damage. Our experienced staff will be able to help diagnose the problem.

We have access to a large range of genuine and aftermarket door locks in the event they need to be replaced. 

It doesn't matter where you are situated in the Darwin/Palmerston area, we can come to you.

Broken Car Key Removal

Do you need a broken key removed from your ignition or door lock?

Darwin Car Key Specialists have the tools and knowledge to remove it without damaging the existing lock/ignition.

We also onsite key cutting. So we can provide you with a replacement key onsite while we are removing the broken one!

Immobiliser ECU Resetting


Darwin Car Key Specialists are Darwin's leader in Immobiliser ECU Resetting. We have the latest and most advanced equipment which allows us to work on most ECU's. This service is what makes us true Automotive Locksmiths. It's a skill that takes years to master and requires continuous training to keep up to date. With some transponder systems if you misplace all the keys there is NO way to program new keys to the vehicle without an existing key. In the past if you were to misplace all your keys the process of making new keys would cost you thousands of dollars. Not anymore, Darwin Car Key Specialists have the skills and the know how to reset these ECU's allowing new keys to be programmed. This also means no parts are replaced and no huge wait times. Darwin Car Key Specialists can have you back on the road in no time.

Immobiliser Testing


Darwin Car Key Specialists offer a mobile immobiliser testing service to help with diagnosing an immobiliser failure or a key issue.

These problems are not common, but they can happen. We can test for them and give you a full report. 

We may be able to rectify the issue ourselves or point you in the right direction.

Onsite Mobile Service


We offer a full onsite mobile service, there is no need to tow your car. We service the Darwin & Palmerston area free of charge so there’s no need to run around and waste your time when Darwin Car Key Specialists can come to you while you get on with your busy day.