Ford Falcon BA/BF & Territory SX/SY ignition switch repairs

Does your BA/BF Ford Falcon or SX/SY Territory suffer from the following problems?

  • Key turns in the ignition but car doesn't start?

  • Key turns in the ignition but there are no lights on the dash?

  • Key turns but dash lights stay on regardless?

  • Car starts but key no longer springs back when turned to the start position?

  • Car starts but the radio and A/C aren't working?

  • The car is running and won’t turn off with the key?

All of these problems can indicate that the ignition switch on your car has collapsed or broken. In the past this would mean spending thousands of dollars having a new steering column installed or playing Russian roulette fitting a second hand column only to have the problem reoccur months later. On top of all this you would be stuck without your car for days while parts are ordered and fitted.

Darwin Car Key Specialists now has a more cost and time effective solution to fix this problem. We will attend to your car onsite. Remove the broken parts and refit a rebuilt ignition switch made with new high quality parts. All up we can have your car back on the road in less than an hour. We don’t need to remove your steering column, we don’t drill into your column and we don’t simply put the switch back together with the existing parts as we have seen in the past.

If you’re in the need of a new ignition switch for your Falcon or Territory call Darwin Car Keys Specialists today on 0437 227 539. We service the Darwin, Palmerston and rural area offering the best mobile automotive locksmithing service in the top end.

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